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What is PCOD and How to Treat it With Homeopathy

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What is PCOD and How to Treat it With Homeopathy

PCOD is a scientific term used for the condition of Polycystic Ovarian Disease found in women. It is a polygenic, multifactorial disorder found in reproductive-aged women (14-45). The exact cause of this disease is not known; however, it may involve a regular imbalance in hormones and insulin levels. PCOD symptoms involve anovulation, irregular periods, and hyperandrogenism. Along with this, the researchers state that the disease is caused due to the production of immature or partially mature eggs. The reason for hormonal imbalance is most probably found to be the modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, extreme stress, and much more.

It is a known fact that in medical science Allopathic medicine is most trusted to treat any disorder or disease. However, in the ever-evolving era, Homeopathic medicines are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness and they are safe to use. 

Follow the blog to know more about how PCOD can be treated with a homeopathic medicine and it will come out to be effective. 

Understanding PCOD in Detail

PCOD, or Polycystic Ovarian disease, is a hormonal condition that affects reproductive-age women. PCOD is a common disorder, 10% of the world’s female population is affected by it. It is a condition where enlarged ovaries do produce immature or partially mature eggs that cause irregular menstruation, acne appearance on certain parts of the body, and much more. 

Although the precise origin of PCOD is yet unknown, a mix of environmental and genetic factors is thought to be involved. Women with PCOD are more likely to have insulin resistance, which causes the body’s cells to react improperly to insulin. This can result in elevated insulin levels, which can eventually interfere with the production of hormones.

PCOD symptoms might vary, but they frequently include weight gain, acne, hirsutism, and irregular periods. If treatment is not received, long-term consequences could result in diabetes, heart disease, and infertility.

PCOD Symptoms

PCOD presents with a range of symptoms, each with a different degree of severity. These signs could consist of:

  • Menstrual cycle irregularities: Women with PCOD frequently have irregular menstrual cycles, which might be rare or non-existent because of insufficient ovulation. Hirsutism, or excessive hair development, can result from PCOD in parts of the body where men normally have more hair, such as the back, chest, and face.
  • Acne: PCOD-related hormonal abnormalities can accelerate the growth of acne, especially around the chin and jawline. Sometimes it can outgrow from face to body due to the huge amount of estrogen level in the body.
  • Weight gain: A lot of PCOD-affected women have weight gain or struggle to lose weight, which can worsen hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance.
  • Infertility: Women with PCOD may experience trouble conceiving naturally as a result of irregular ovulation.
  • Skin changes: A disease known as Acanthosis Nigricans, which is brought on by PCOD, can result in skin darkening, especially in places like the neck, groin, and underarms.

Treating PCOD Naturally

A combination of the patient’s medical history, physical examination, and laboratory testing is usually used to diagnose PCOD. Tests on the blood can be used to determine insulin, estrogen, and testosterone levels. Imaging tests such as ultrasonography may also be utilized to see the ovaries and identify the existence of cysts.

PCOD management through natural remedies leads to the reduction of symptoms, lowering the chance of problems, and enhancing general health and quality of life. This multifaceted strategy is used to decrease the effects, the strategies include:

  • Lifestyle changes: Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising frequently, and keeping a healthy weight can all assist in enhancing insulin sensitivity and hormonal balance.
  • Medication: Homeopathic treatment can be done with the right medicine and doctor’s prescription based on the symptoms. While anti-androgen drugs can help with symptoms like acne and hirsutism, oral contraceptives can help control menstrual periods and lower testosterone levels. Women who are attempting to conceive may also be administered fertility medicines.
  • Complications Handling: Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are among the ailments that women with PCOD are more susceptible to. It is crucial yet important to properly manage these illnesses and conduct routine monitoring.

PCOS Homeopathy Treatment with Dr. Pritam’s Homeopathy

PCOD is a very common problem faced by most women who are in their fertility age. There are a range of holistic approaches to treating PCOD naturally. One of them is Homeopathic treatment. Treating PCOD with Homeopathy comes with a gentle and effective effect. It is a natural alternative for individuals who are seeking relief from their PCOD symptoms without any side effects. 

At Dr. Pritam’s Homeopathy, you can get an effective PCOS Homeopathy Treatment. We have a team of experienced doctors who are committed to rediscovering the balance and vitality in your daily life with our effective homeopathic treatment. We have customized treatment plans for our patients to provide you with the best possible results. 

Our homeopathic medicines for PCOD are scientifically approved and safe for your use. With the best results, they also provide you with a significant improvement in your quality of life while dealing with the PCOD. 

Concluding Remarks!

PCOD is a complicated hormonal condition that needs to be managed thoroughly to treat all of its symptoms and lower the chance of long-term issues. For women with PCOS, early identification and treatment are essential to bettering their prognosis and quality of life.

Dr. Pritam’s Homeopathy invites you to take yourself on a natural recovery journey for your PCOD and PCOS. Treating from the root our homeopathy provides you the ever-lasting results.