With a vision of providing a Health friendly, homeopathic/natural treatment to people suffering from several acute or chronic diseases and who struggled with the conventional system of medicines.
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Symptoms of Nasal/Skin Allergies

Rashes 1

There are numerous types of rashes. Allergies can result in eczema, contact dermatitis, and hives, three different types of rashes.

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Itchy Eyes and Nose

Itching or irritation in eyes and nose is also a common symptom of allergic rhinitis and skin allergy.

Sneezings 3

Do you sneeze often and experience runny nose symptoms? This can also be an allergy. Consult a doctor!

Running Nose 4
Running Nose

Running Nose during weather change or in an air conditioned room can be a symptom of allergic rhinitis. Taking too much conventional medicine for the allergies may lead to Sinusitis.

How Our Treatment Works:

Nasal – If you are tired of relying on inhalers and nebulizers for managing your allergies then experience a breakthrough in allergy treatment with our specialized homeopathic medicine. With our treatment, you can find effective and quick relief from constant irritation in the nose, persistent sneezing, and other allergic symptoms. Our homeopathic remedies are selected carefully based on the symptoms and medical history of individuals. We not only empower children but also adults to break free from the cycle of dependence on conventional allergy medications.

Skin – A successful strategy is used for the treatment of allergies using homeopathy. Depending on the patient’s symptoms and type of allergy, the medication is chosen. The only treatment that can eliminate an allergy and aid in the patient’s recovery is homeopathy.

Dr. Pritams Homeopathy


Allergies can be successfully treated using homeopathy. Homeopathic experts will determine your allergens and design a specific treatment plan for you. You can treat and get rid of your allergies with the help of a homeopathic treatment and a few minor lifestyle adjustments.

You will progressively introduce the substances you were allergic to as soon as you start to observe results. You'll start to realize that your body has become accustomed to the allergens even though earlier contact with them triggered severe reactions in your body. When you reach this realization, the treatment can be stopped because you are free of allergies.

Although allergies are not caused by stress, it does make them worse by raising the amount of histamine in your blood. In many patients, a rise in allergy symptoms brought on by stress is a regular occurrence.