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Symptoms of Infertility in Females/ Impotency in Males

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Inability to Conceive in Females

As women age, the quality and quantity of their eggs decrease, making conception more challenging.

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PCOD in Females

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOD) is a common hormonal disorder in women that can lead to infertility. It is characterized by irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, and the development of small cysts on the ovaries.

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Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Homeopathic medicines have been proven time and again to be safe and super effective in treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, spermattorea, balanitis, phimosis and increasing the count and quality of sperm in general.

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Reduced sexual desire or Libido in Males

It is characterized by a lack of interest or motivation for sexual activity, leading to a decreased frequency of sexual thoughts, fantasies, and desire for intimacy can be a major symptom of impotency.

How Our Treatment Works:

Discover a ray of hope on your journey toward motherhood with our specialized homeopathic treatment for female infertility. We understand the pain and discomfort associated with infertility, and our holistic approach aims to address the root causes of this condition.

Our homeopathic remedies have proven to be highly effective in providing relief from pain and discomfort, while thousands of women have achieved successful pregnancies without resorting to expensive and exhaustive treatments like IVF.

We believe in empowering women by harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities and restoring hormonal balance. Our experienced team of homeopathic experts will work closely with you to personalize your treatment, considering your unique needs and challenges.

specialized homeopathic treatment for female infertility


Many factors can interfere with or affect the pregnancy process. It is essential to ovulate to get pregnant. It is believed that ovulation disorders are one of the most common causes of infertility in women. Many factors can contribute to infertility in women, including:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Pelvic or sexually transmitted infection
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Age

The possibility of a woman getting pregnant decreases after the age of 35. However, fertility decline can begin at different ages for different women. The infertility treatment may be helpful if you haven't been able to become pregnant.
Women's fertility can also be affected by lifestyle and diet factors, as well as medical issues.

Approximately three out of every five couples experiencing infertility are affected by a male factor. Among these couples, two out of five are affected by male infertility. In addition, one out of five couples suffering from infertility has both male and female issues. As a result, it is advisable to assess both males and females when addressing this issue.