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Symptoms of PCOD/PCOS

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Excessive Hair Growth

Massive hair growth on the face, stomach, or other areas of the body where men typically have hair.

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Delayed Mensuration

Pain and excessive bleeding during periods. Irregular or abnormal periods.

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Weight Gain

Unknown causes of sudden weight gain or difficulty reducing weight.

Hyperpigmentation 4

Darkening of the skin under the breasts, or along the neck creases.

How Our Treatment Works:

Rediscover balance and vitality with our specialized homeopathic treatment for PCOD/PCOS. We understand the challenges posed by hormonal imbalances and infertility associated with this condition. Our holistic approach addresses the root causes of PCOD/PCOS, providing effective relief from painful menstruation and PMS symptoms.

Through our customized treatment plans, we have witnessed thousands of female patients experience significant improvements in their quality of life. Our homeopathic remedies not only regulate hormones but also aid in weight loss without any side effects, resulting in a healthier body and increased self-confidence.

Dr. Pritams Homeopathy


Homeopathic medicine is the greatest option for PCOS/PCOD problems. Based on homeopathic principles, it tries to treat the underlying causes of PCOS by addressing hormonal imbalances and enhancing general wellness.
Homeopathic medications, food and lifestyle adjustments, and stress reduction techniques are all part of the treatment.

Due to the hormonal imbalance in your body, difficulties during pregnancy may occur. Irregular menstruation may make it difficult for you to conceive. But you can get pregnant and have a healthy baby with the help of homeopathy and early detection and control of symptoms.

You can be suffering from PCOD if your mother has PCOD. You have a very high chance of developing this hormonal condition. That is not necessarily essential, though, for you to experience it. One might be prone to PCOD development. It's crucial to understand that genetically linked PCOD is more difficult to treat than non-genetic PCOD.