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Diabetes Mellitus

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Symptoms of Diabetes

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Excessive Thirst

One of the earliest signs and most common symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst.

Frequent Urination 2
Frequent Urination

Blood glucose levels are too high, so the body tries to remove the excess glucose through urine.

Weight Gain/ Weight Loss 3
Slow-Sudden Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss could also be an early sign of diabetes or show among people who already have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

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Increased Appetite

Due to glucose's role in bodily function, blood sugar levels directly increase food cravings, especially for sugary foods.

How Our Treatment Works:

Take charge of your diabetes journey with our specialized homeopathic treatment. We understand the challenges of living with diabetes and the desire to achieve freedom from lifelong conventional medicines.

Our holistic approach focuses on effectively reversing diabetes through personalized treatment and dietary changes. By targeting the root causes of the condition, our homeopathic remedies work synergistically with your body to restore balance and regulate blood sugar levels.

Thousands of patients have benefited from our approach, experiencing improved overall health and a renewed sense of vitality. Let us guide you toward a healthy lifestyle, where you can embrace a brighter future free from the limitations of diabetes.

Dr. Pritams Homeopathy


For diabetes, a homeopathic doctor may prescribe medicines based on the symptoms, varying from person to person. Since homeopathy is a highly individualized form of treatment, we recommend speaking to your local homeopath for the best remedy for you.

In accordance with the remarkable popularity of Homeopathy Treatment and NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) research for diabetes. It has been found that individualized homeopathic treatment added to conventional diabetes treatment resulted in better glycaemic control for T2DM patients than conventional treatment alone.

Studies have shown that Homeopathy medicines and treatments are effective and potent treatments for diabetes. Furthermore, homeopathy treatment is more effective and safer. Additionally, homeopathy is a preferred treatment for diabetes, since it treats the illness from the root cause.