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Hairfall & Alopecia

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Symptoms of Hairfall & Alopecia

Frizzy Hair & Thinning 1
Frizzy Hair & Thinning

Both men and women are susceptible to this hair loss. Men lose hair from the forehead, while women often keep their hairline, but their hair parts widen.

Bald Patches 2
Bald Patches

Many people get bald spots or go through hair loss. The scalp is where this hair loss typically occurs, but it can also affect the beard and eyebrows.

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Lack of Sleep

Sudden hair loss may be a result due to lack of sleep, too much unmanaged stress or insufficient diet. This could result in hair thinning also.

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Dandruff can lead to scratching hard the head due to itchiness, resulting in hair loss.

How Our Treatment Works:

Transformative power of homeopathy can combat hair fall and alopecia with our specialized treatment. We understand the distress caused by hair loss and are committed to promoting hair development while halting the progression and spread of baldness.

Our homeopathic remedies, backed by extensive research and clinical experience, target the underlying causes of hair fall and alopecia, stimulating follicular activity and promoting healthy hair growth. As a result, our treatment not only improves the texture of your hair but also eliminates dry scalp and dandruff, restoring balance and vitality. We help you say goodbye to hair fall and alopecia and welcome healthier, more luscious locks.

Dr. Pritams Homeopathy


Yes, homeopathic medications work well as a treatment for hair loss problems. Even when your hair has started to thin, homeopathic remedies can aid in hair growth.

Homeopathic therapies for hair loss and better growth have proven effective in the modern world. Many people today are beginning to accept the efficacy of homeopathic hair loss remedies. Since they are manufactured from numerous natural sources, including plants and vegetables, homeopathic treatments for hair loss are organic. There are no side effects, unlike traditional therapies.

Certainly, the missing hair may frown after years of severe hair loss, but it will eventually fall out again. Time to regrow hair in alopecia is between 3-6 months, and in general hair fall or baldness is 6-12 months However, this relies on the care given and the safety measures adopted. An efficient treatment for alopecia areata that promotes hair growth and restoration works effectively most of the time is HOMEOPATHY.